Mustards + Gourmet Condiments


Naples Canning Co. Mustards are made from whole Yellow + Brown Mustard Seeds that have been soaked with Hard Cider and pureed to a smooth and creamy texture. This base is then elevated with herbs, spices and unique flavor combinations to create a fun condiment for your gourmet sandwich, marinade or vinaigrette. Try the Black Truffle Mustard! It's a fan favorite!

Heirloom Tomato products from Naples Canning Co. are made with Heirloom Tomatoes from 12 Seasons Farm in Fort Myers, FL. They are the best tomatoes we have ever had! Salsa, Marinara Sauce and Preserved Tomatoes are made with minimal processing to highlight the true brilliance of these tomatoes.

Gourmet Sauces + Condiments from our other American Artisans have been hand-selected + personally tested (somebody has to do the hard work!) to elevate your next backyard BBQ or marinate some that local pork tenderloin. Try marinating Bourbon Barrel Foods Spicy Kentuckyaki teriyaki sauce with your favorite firm tofu. YUM!