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Bread + Butter Pickled Jicama

Raspberry Pickled Radish

Bloody Mary Pickles

Bread + Butter Pickles

Pickled Jalapeño + Fresno Peppers

Garlic Dill Pickle Spears

Garlic Dill Pickle Chips

Bread + Butter Pickle Bites

Produce sourced from Inyoni Organic Farm (Naples, FL) and 12 Seasons Farm (Fort Myers, FL)

Pickles + Pickled Products

The secret is out, pickles! Whether it is pickled cucumbers, pickled jicama, or pickled chili peppers Chefs have been adding these little flavor bombs to elevate their dishes to new heights. Time for you to add this little secret to your next sandwich, burger, or charcuterie board and impress your friends and family! Even as a side dish, or snack, our pickled products are there to satisfy your every craving!

What To Expect -- The BEST Vinegar we can find!

Our Pickles are made with French Oak Barrel Aged Vinegars that are bright, yet, delicate and extremely balanced. A better vinegar makes for better pickles. Then, working with local farmers we offer a variety of pickled fruits and vegetables that have been picked at the peak of their season!

Using traditional canning methods, our pickles, are preserved and ready for when you want to break open the jar. Once opened, please refrigerate. Make sure to check out our SHOP page, Facebook or Instagram for updates on seasonal small batch pickles. Think Pickled Jicama, Pickled Peppers, Traditional Pickled Bread + Butter Cucumbers, Pickled Good Stuff!

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Third Street South Farmer's Market

1207 3rd Street South, Naples, FL 34102

7:30 AM -- 11:30 AM