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Naples Canning Co.

Started as a passion project and a way to have supplemental income for our wedding, we started Naples Canning Co., in November 2019. Only a few months in, we had to stop everything due to the pandemic. We quickly converted our strategy to a full fledged e-commerce shop and made local deliveries, serviced local foodservice companies and started shipping our products across the USA.

All of our produce comes from small, independent local organic farms. Our main sourcing of seasonal produce is from Inyoni Organic Farm and 12 Seasons Farm in SWFL. Using very traditional canning methods we preserve the peak of the season produce with as little processing as possible to maintain the integrity of the Farmer's Handy-Work.

You can find us at the Third Street South Farmer's Market every Saturday from 7:30-11:30 located in Downtown Naples or at our Farm Stand store located in Bonita Springs 7 days per week. Find us HERE.

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