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That Southern Living


We have always been drawn to the soul of the south. Where food is intwined into every aspect of your day. Conversations start with, "What's for breakfast?". Then, before you have even finished eating, you're talking about, "What are we having for lunch?". This line of conversation continues throughout the day. In the south, food is also understanding, where did the eggs come from, and what farm are those beautiful heirloom tomatoes from? It's a lifestyle that goes beyond just the act of consuming but it's also a feeling that makes you appreciate even the plate-ware and the cookware.

We have curated this batch of unique gifts to allow you to be transported to a feeling of joy, happiness and pride.

That Southern Living.


Free Shipping on all orders over $75!

$9 Flat Rate Shipping (We split the shipping fee with you!)

Come visit us at our store! The Farm Stand at Naples Canning Co.

11308 Bonita Beach Rd. SE, Unit 105, Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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