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The Farm Stand

The Farm Stand of Bonita Springs is a Culinary Home Goods Store + Gourmet Food Shop featuring Handcrafted American Artisans


"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." Julia Child​


Our Story

With roots starting in Michigan, Chef, and owner David, made his journey down to Southwest Florida nearly a decade ago. As a Chef, understanding the difference between "Good" and "Great" is where this journey began. Working and managing some of the premier restaurants in Naples, FL there has always been a drive to perfect a dish. The biggest learning experience he had was tasting the Heirloom tomatoes from a local farm called 12 Seasons Farm. They are pure perfection. Sliced and put on a plate with some flaky sea salt, a splash of fruity olive oil and that's it. Something so simple. But so reserved and sophisticated. This was the point of epiphany that the difference between Good and Great is not just quality but reserve and respect.

With this simple notion of: Good and Great; we have opened The Farm Stand at Naples Canning Co. Each and every item in the store has a story, a reason and true quality; as well as purpose and respect. We continue to search for Small Batch American Artisans producing food and culinary goods without mass production. 

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