Naples Canning Co.




Small batch, artisanal pickled vegetables, fruits, jams, mustards and preserves!



"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." Julia Child​


Hi there,

I'm David. I am the Chef and Owner of Naples Canning Co. I created this company to become closer to the agricultural food system in Southwest Florida. Myself, along with a small group of passionate teammates create small batch, gourmet, artisanal Pickles, Jams and Mustards.

The base of our company is built around producing delicious and premium quality preserved foods using traditional canning methods. The quality and flavor in each jar is second to none. We accomplish this by sourcing locally and seasonally guaranteeing the end product has been sourced at the peak of the season.

Our mission is to generate a conversation based on understanding where our food comes from, how it is being grown, and how it is being treated. Truly, Farm to Jar. We use traditional canning methods to preserve all of our products without the use of any commercialized additives or preservatives. You can see the ingredients in every jar. Our Pickles, Jams and Mustards are made with Imported French Barrel Aged Vinegars, Number 1 Quality Spices and Locally sourced Non-GMO whole fruits and vegetables. We use reduced amounts of sugars in our Jams when necessary only to accentuate the taste of the seasons' finest peak produce.

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Learn more about us in our local feature in the Naples news-press with a fantastic story about who we are and what we do! Check it out:  COMFORT DELIVERED